My name is Richard Meulenberg and I’m here to help you. If I can help your business or personal photography be more successful, then “My Studio” will be more successful.

I’ve been into photography since I was a freshman in a Chicago high school. A few years ago I started my own photo business, The more I got into photography, the more I was interested in working with other photographers. I wanted to create an environment where all photographers can learn from one another and have a place to hone their craft. 

At My Studio we will offer classes and meet-ups. We also have the equipment and space for you to do some really amazing work.

I want you to be part of something great. Come to “My Studio” and be part of a community of photographers who want to shoot, share, and learn.

After 30 years as a police officer with 17 years in Homicide & Crime Scene Investigation, I have retired to focus full time on the studio. As an investigator, I focused on the little things; this philosophy has carried over to my photography. I am a landscape and architectural photographer and I tend to focus on the details of a building or landscape rather than the entire view. This tendency is particularly reflected in my cathedral portfolio.    


You can view my work at

Richard and I moved the studio recently, to have a space that offers more flexibility and accessibility.  After finding the right space, we have completed the project. We are committed to creating a place where all photographers can hone their skills, in a comfortable environment, using state of the art equipment - I feel we have met this goal. 

Please come by and see the space, and let us show you how you can be creative and profitable.

Tim Bracken

Richard Meulenberg

Tulsa's premier photography studio